Kenyan Bloggers Challenge: Mixed Prints

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Challenge collage I took a moment out of my hiatus to take part in a challenge I’d committed to prior to my break. Each month, we’ll come up with a theme and style an outfit based around it. It’s a a fun undertaking with an aim of showcasing our different styles and experimenting with pairings that are outside our comfort zones.

The beauty of mixing prints is that you’re unlikely to bump into someone wearing the exact same outfit and the options are literally endless. I wore this skirt before here and multiple times with a plain white tee but I’m now inspired to experiment with other patterns.

Enjoy the post, see you on October 1st!

Love, Anita


Anita –

Anita –

Gabrielle –

Joy –

Lucia –

Maureen –

Ms Kibati –

Mumbi –

Sienna -

Silvia -

Vonette -

Winnie -

Anita_Gaitho Anita_Mogere Gabrielle_Mwangi Joy_Kendi Lucia_Musau Maureen_ Bandari Caroline_Kibati Mumbi_Shokey Sienna_Barley Silvia_Njoki Vonnette_Orinda Winnie_Awino



SHAREShare on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+Pin on PinterestEmail this to someone Hi everyone,

It makes me a little sad to write this post. I know a lot of fashion/lifestyle bloggers make their life look so rosy and perfect but I’d rather share what’s real and tell you, mine has so many prickly thorns! Anyway, I’ve decided to take a brief hiatus from my blog. Here’s why:

I’m struggling with finding and living out my destiny. I know by 25, we’re expected to have our sh*t together but here I am, still trying to figure out where to even start. I don’t want to follow the straight and narrow path. I know my path is in entrepreneurship, which is a scary monster that I’m dealing with.

Looking at my recent posts, I feel like my content isn’t as great as I’d want it to be. When I blog just to fulfill that quota of a post a week, it shows.

I want to re-group and come back strong. I want my blog to be perfect in my eyes. I want to be proud of each post I put out. I want you to learn something from my blog more often than not.

I want to come back with exciting content that makes it fun for me to blog again. I also want to visit your blogs and comment because I actually enjoyed your post or I have some positive criticism for it. None of those generic ‘Great post’ comments anymore.

I’m going through a lot of personal things-as many of you know, I’m engaged, and it’s an exciting time for me and Mr. A of course, but we’re finding ourselves burdened with family’s expectations because of our non-conventional plans. I need a moment to deal with that.

In the meantime, I’ll still read and comment (truthfully) your blogs. If you’re up for it, leave me any criticisms you think might help. What you like/dislike about the blog and what you’d like to see more of or not see at all.

How long is your break?

Short, just till October 1st.

How can I reach you?

I have about 40 of your emails concerning clothes orders that I’m yet to respond to (Will do so this week.) Started with over 100 so please be patient with me.

Can we still make clothes orders?

I’m not taking new orders at the moment. I’m launching an online store soon so it will be easier for you to shop.



Casual: Ripped jeans and white tee

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Ripped jeans, white tee, leather jacket 1 My go-to outfit for dress-down days usually consists of jeans and an easy white tee. I love classic clothing items. Paired with flats, Converse, flat boots or  plimsolls, you can run errands, and throw on a pair of heels when you want to look a little more dressed up. I’m a firm believer that shoes really do make an outfit. 3 4 On a very random note, so many people around me are having babies! I’m having some intense baby-fever and I often find myself stalking Tumblr and Pinterest boards of little black babies with afros. So so cute! In due time though. No rush :-)

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Love, Anita.

leather jacket, white tee, ripped jeans 4 Outfit details:

T-shirt-Legit here







Feminine: Lux Soap.

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As a young lady in my 20′s, I’m still experimenting with my beauty regimen and will do so until my skin achieves a perpetual glow!  The newest products I’ve tried are a bunch of Lux soaps, c/o Unilever. As a fashion enthusiast, I’m drawn to colour and textures, and the looks of these bars of soap did it for me! Pastel colours and a floral lace design? Check and check! I almost want to design an outfit inspired by them!

If you like scented soaps, these are for you! They are perfumed and are perfect for those who like to layer scents.

If you’re a fan of the brand, you’re in good company. Did you know Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Jessica Parker, Catherine Zeta Jones and Jennifer Lopez have all fronted Lux campaigns in the past? That’s pretty dope, if you ask me! Lux aims to serve the unapologetically feminine woman who is uplifted, sensual and uninhibited. Purchase your choice of variant in 100g or 200g, at a very fair price. Meanwhile, I’m throwing some of these in my gym bag to bless some women in the washroom after our workout session tomorrow!

LUX5 Isn’t the detailing lovely?



Double Red: DIY circle skirt

SHAREShare on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+Pin on PinterestEmail this to someone Red circle skirt I debuted this look on Instagram last weekend. Two of my favourite things: Red lipstick and Circle skirts. The former coz it’s so sexy, the latter coz it makes it so much fun to spin! Also having fun with this hair that Mr.A doesn’t like! He’s used to me having my natural hair, which he loves, or braids. He’s annoyed by the fakeness on me lately-acrylic nails and all this damn hair, lol! But, I’m keeping them till I’m bored. I’d actually be worried if he liked this more than my own hair-Ouch! As a young woman who’s passionate about beauty and fashion, it’s important for me to express myself in whatever way I chose and experiment with what’s out there. I’m a champion for natural beauty and I’ve wholly embraced mine, but that shouldn’t put me in a box when it comes to trying out new things. So, he’s gonna have to deal! Sorry babe :-)

Have a beautiful weekend.

Love, Anita.

Pics by Kishanto Red circle skirt Red circle skirt Red circle skirt Red circle skirt

Outfit details:


Top & Skirt-stylesketches collection



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