Lux #IgniteTheSparkKe Event Recap

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us full selfie us IMG-20140727-WA0003 Joy of and I

You guys are the best. I loved reading all your suggestions on what I should wear to Saturday’s Lux event that I told y’all about in my last post. It was a re-launch of Lux, the iconic brand and as expected, it went without a hitch. The new frgrances are Soft Touch, Velvet Touch, Wake Me Up, Shake Me Up, and Soft Caress.The event was held at Villa Rosa Kempinsky and I had a great time hanging out with a bunch of lovely ladies. I made my dress a few hours before the event as I wasn’t crazy about the first outfit I’d sewn. I have so much to talk about but instead of rambling I’ll brief you on the standout moments.

The Good:

The venue was beautifully decorated. There was a wall covered entirely in pink roses that I just wanted to get married in front of a la Kimye!

The fashion show, inspired by the new products, was perfectly executed by the designers. The models were ALL flawless and so were the garments showcased.

The speakers, Simon Mbevi and his wife Sophie, gave an enlightening talk moderated by TrueLove East Africa’s Carole Mandi.

The Hors d’oeuvres, which is always my fave part of any event (explains my pooch, perhaps?!), were just as pretty to look at as they were delicious.

The Sauti Sol perormance gave me shivers. Those boys are incredibly gifted.

We received cute gift bags c/o Lux.


The Bad:



The Ugly:

Someone spilled red wine on my dress. Not white wine, sprite, water..had to be red freakin’ wine!!

That’s it for today. Enjoy the pics and Eid al-Fitr to my Muslim sisters.

runway rw unnamed (3) unnamed (1) Lux rw Sauti Sol Sauti Sol 2




I Need YOUR Help!

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RED inspo

Hey lovlies, It was so hard for me not to type an alarmist title for this post. I do need your help though, and I only ask because you’re my friends in my head! I’ve received an invite to a LUX event on Saturday and I have nothing to wear yet :-/ I know it’s only Wednesday but it’s a red carpet event and I know people are gonna bring IT! You might have seen the #Ignitethespark hash tag floating around on social media and that should be enough to tell you it’s gonna be quite the event.

WHITE inspo YELLOW inspo The only thing I know so far about what I’m gonna wear is that I’ll design and make it myself, and it will be either white, red or yellow. I’ll make something that I can wear again, nothing too flamboyant or complicated. I collected some inspiration pics but I’m indecisive and just can’t settle on a colour, so this is where I’ll need your help. Please comment below telling me which colour you reckon I should wear. Thanks in advance! xo



Lip Service: Flori Roberts Lipstick Swatches & Review

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FR lippies

Hey y’all! Hope you’re having a good day so far. Thought I’d show you the Flori Roberts lipstick line. they have a pretty wide range of lip products which include some really pretty colours that I’m lusting after. On my wish-list is Wild thing, Teak and Royal Ruby to be exact. I usually only wear red or pink lipstick but I really want to experiment a little more with my other colours. One thing’s for sure though, you won’t catch me dead (touch wood) in blue or green lipstick! No ma’am!

Received a few of their lip products and I’m having to fight my sisters and mom over them.

FR1 Black Brandy cu Jaguar cu Jazz Orange cu Paprika cu Review: 

The consistency of the lipsticks is creamy which makes them glide smoothly over your lips. They are very moisturizing so you won’t have to worry about dry lips. I didn’t need to reapply all day. They aren’t heavily pigmented so you might have to apply 2 or 3 coats if you want a heavy application.

Mineral base Lipshines These are my current favourite lip-glosses hands-down! The colours are lovely, especially the Orchid which smells just as good as it looks. They are only lightly pigmented. They have a glossy finish and they have a subtle shimmer. I wore them on different days for about 6 hours straight without needing to reapply(After eating). They are only slightly sticky, which makes it comfortable to wear.  The colour fades off but the glossiness on your lips remains. If I was to recommend only one product from all these, it would be the Orchid lipshine.

Products available at Mimosa Pharmacy in Junction, Karen Crossroads and Ridgeways Mall.

Colour Pop: DIY crop top and pencil skirt set.

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Two-piece set 1 Hey y’all!

In ‘diligent blogger diaries’, I’m squeezing in this post between watching Orange Is the New Black episodes. I’m a little late joining this bandwagon which I might have been better off missing completely. I haven’t been this hooked to any series since The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And Scandal, and Devious Maids! After hearing that Season 3′s release is set for May20-freaking-15, I’m dreading getting to the end of 2. I dug myself into this hole..sigh. Any of you in the same boat?

Anywayyy, I made this skirt from the same fabric I used to make this dress. Had it in white and made this skirt, and my favourite in red. The white is sold out but I just restocked a little of the red and black so if you’re interested in placing an order, drop me an email on

Have a wonderful week and don’t binge-watch shows like me, k?!

*Hugs*, Anita

Crop top & pencil skirt set 2 Top & Skirt -stylesketches collection

Heels- Backyard shoes

Crop top & pencil skirt set Crop top & pencil skirt set


Flori Roberts Foundation Review

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FloriRoberts foundation

Last week, I received some beauty products from the lovely people at Flori Roberts and I’m happy to say that my make-up storage box is more than halfway full y’all-finally! I tested out the products all of last week, and I can honestly say that I’m officially a fan.

Apart from their wonderful products, I was impressed by the fact that Flori Roberts was the first ever cosmetics brand to create products for women of colour. They were clearly 10 steps ahead of the rest of them, huh?! They’ve been selling in US stores for the last 50 years and I can’t think of a good reason why they’re just now setting up shop here and not at least a decade ago! Anyway, in Nairobi, Flori products are currently being stocked in Mimosa Pharmacy at the Junction Mall..they have great eye-shadows, lipsticks, concealers, brushes, powders, everything. Pass by and pick up a treat for yourself. Here’s my review on the Cream-to-Powder foundation. Before After


For all skin types. Glides on and blends like a cream but dries to a matte, powder-like finish.


Amazing coverage-Covered most of my blemishes and hyper-pigmentation with the first application.

Didn’t need to blot any powder for the first few hours.

Matte-great for oily skin.

15 shades to choose from-easy to find a shade to match your skin.

Didn’t break my skin out at all.

Lasted all day-didn’t have to reapply.

Didn’t notice any transfer on my white shirt.


Not a fan of the application sponge it comes with.

Would I use it again? Yes. Would I recommend it to anyone? Absolutely.

FloriRoberts CreamToPowderFoundation


Night Out : Thigh high Slit

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Wambui Mukenyi 1

I’m glad my last post resonated with so many of you and I apologize for that brief hiatus-I was going through some things. Life has a way of kicking you in the balls when you least expect it, huh? I was feeling so blah and demotivated until I decided to release it all and take care of myself a little. I’m looking forward to a new week, a fresh start. I’ve been eating crap (I keep falling of…smh) and I’m back on my clean-eating plan today.(Feels like I say that every month :-/) Anyway this is me, today, picking up and dusting myself off and moving right on.

Onto some fashion talk, how gorgeous is this dress? I love it. Green has never been a colour I’d gravitate towards but after seeing it on myself here, I’d planned to get myself another green outfit. Walked into Wambui Mukenyi’s store last week and saw this dress, grabbed it off the rack, fitted it and walked right out with it.I’d actually seen Deeda in it on Instagram and instantly remembered Solange Knowles’ Raslph & Russo Grammy dress so I hope they doesn’t mind that I jacked their style, lol.

One last thing, I saw this quote that I have to share:

“Be calm like a duck, my mother used to tell me. Remain calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath.” Michael Caine

Have a great week y’all.



Wambui Mukenyi2

Dress-Wambui Mukenyi


Rings on right hand-Random store

  Wambui Mukenyi Wambui Mukenyi Wambui Mukenyi

Layers : Leather Pants and Animal Print

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Leather pants 1

I pulled my laptop out to write up a blog post and spent more than a few minutes typing and backspacing then staring at the screen unsure of what to say today. I opened about a dozen other tabs hoping that the blockage would fizzle out, then I came across this video that really spoke to my heart. I cried when she cried and nodded at every point she made because the same issues exist in the blogging world and life in general. Pulled this from the comment section:

It used to be “push me and I’ll pull you.” Now it’s “nobody helped me so I’m not helping anybody.” As big as the sky is I’ve never seen two birds collide. There’s room for all of us.

Well damn! Isn’t that the truth! In the local blogging scene, I’ve always made a conscious effort to support other people’s blogs, whether or not they support mine. For as long as I like your content, I’m gonna keep coming back and commenting. I’m inspired by Nancie Mwai, the pioneer blogger, who was so nice to many of us in our newbie phase. She always dropped comments on our blogs and interracted with us on social media (can’t wait for her return). I’m encouraged by ThisIsEss‘s growth & success, I absolutely adore Lucia MusauMumbi Shokey and Gabrielle Mwangi, who I’ve become acquainted with through blogging. I stalk JoyKurly Kichana and and so on. Now, all these ladies inspire me in different ways, but the video reminded me to NOT to be in competition with any of them.  Hope she makes you think about that deeply with life in general.

“What is truly yours will eventually be yours.”

With that said, please accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your support thus far. Thanks for reading, lurking, commenting, emailing (I owe you one Caroline Kibe!) and ordering the stuff I make, which by the way is truly a labour of love!

Have a fabulous weekend!

xo, Anita G.

Leather pants and diy tops


Green top – Stylesketches collection

White long-sleeved top – Stylesketches collection 

Blazer – Beverly Heels (Westlands)

Pants – Cotton On

Heels- BackYard Shoes

Leather pants and DIY tops

Leather pants & DIY tops Leather pants & DIY tops


Usual Suspects: Caged Sandals & Striped skirt

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Striped pencil skirt 7


Looks like Monday snuck up on us again! Hope you had a great weekend. I’m actually typing this on Friday night and scheduling it for Monday morning. I might have to work throughout the weekend and the new week is gonna be way to hectic for me to upload a new post. I might be coming down with a sore throat but I’m crossing my fingers that this drippy nose and itchy throat are just allergy symptoms that will be gone by the time I wake up.

My friend Lucia mentioned in her blog that one of her readers told her to give her shoes and bag a rest and I just quietly laughed to myself because I’m a huge repeat offender of re-wearing my fave items. Of all my shoes, I probably only wear 4 pairs and this is one of the most heavily rotated ones. The jacket is also one of my most worn items. So much so, that I’m actually on the hunt for another one. A bad-ass black leather biker jacket like this or this. But until I find one, get used to seeing it on here because I really do wear it (and drape it over my shoulders!) a lot! Are you guilty of this? What’s the most worn item in your closet? Striped pencil skirt 5





Bag-Zyzy store

Striped pencil skirt Striped pencil skirt Striped pencil skirt Details GIF ME MWANGI

P.S. That’s my little brother in the gif!

Crop it like it’s hot

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Crop top & high waist skirt

Hi everyone! Hope your week is going well so far.

Last night, I attended a wonderful event at the Villa Rosa Kempinski and ran into some dope ass ladies I’ve always wanted to meet! It was a product launch for P & G’s new range of skin care products called Camay body care collection(More on that later). The set up was really pretty and now that I have a wedding to plan, I’m gathering all the decor inspiration I can get. The hors d’oeuvres were so good but I’m trying to shed a few pounds so I exercised some self-restraint. The only bad thing about the night was me having to suck in my tummy all night-ha! It might be time to reduce my carb intake :-(

The KurlyKichana girls are hilarious! Loved meeting and chatting with them. When I chopped off my hair to begin my natural hair journey, a Facebook friend sent me a link to their blog and I’ve been hooked since. After meeting them last night, I like them so much more than I already did!

Also met my namesake Anita of fromcurveswithlove. She’s so beautiful in person and her lipstick was so yummy-looking!

There are a few other bloggers I would have liked to meet and take pics with but, you guys, I suffer from a mild case of social anxiety and can never be the one to break the ice. It’s so hard for me to go up to someone and introduce myself. I was extremely shy growing up and even though I’m much better in social settings than I was a few years back, I still have a small panic attack when I have to go say hi to a new person. I really need to grow some balls!

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

xx, Anita

Crop top & high waist skirt

Crop top- My collection

Skirt- My collection


Bag-Zyzy store

Crop top & high waist skirt

With Mary and Nyachomba of KurlyKichana

Anita x Mary x Nyachomba of KurlyKichana

Anita x Anita
Anita x Anita 



What happened?(Republished post)

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All white outfit Something weird happened to my blog y’all! Remember the post I put up last week wearing an all white outfit and announcing my engagement? It disappeared, along with your comments. It’s nowhere in my blog, and the photos are also nowhere to be found. For a second, I thought I’d dreamt up the blog post and your congratulatory comments LOL. Then I checked my Facebook page and saw that it actually did exist. Here’s the re-upload. Also, I’ve scheduled another post for later today so check back for that :-)

All white outfit All white outfit

Blazer- Beverly Heels Shirt- Thrifted (Toi I think) Pants-Gifted Shoes-Backyard shoes

Blazer- Beverly Heels
Shirt- Thrifted (Toi I think)
Shoes-Backyard shoes



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